4 Factors That Affect Your Option of Air Tracks

Air Track is a long-term investment, so you’d better do your research before purchasing one. You have to clearly understand what your needs are in terms of size, thickness and price, then narrow the range of choices and buy the most suitable product for you.

Air track mat (https://www.kameymall.com/list/4388/air-track.html) is usually long and thin inflatable rectangles, but they come in various sizes (including length, thickness, etc.). Please measure the space you plan to use for the tumble mat and choose the most suitable product. Although most air tracks are about 3 to 4 feet wide, you can find some with wider options available (for example, 5 feet wide). Besides, you can see various lengths from 6 feet up to 20 feet. Ten feet long air track mats are probably the most common size. You can even splice some mats together to form a longer track.

Most inflatable air tracks are four inches thick, it is the minimum thickness that meets the standard. However, you can find products that are 6 or 8 inches thick for increased protection if you need.

If you carefully compare different models of air track mats, many of them look similar. But if you dig deeper, you will find slight differences that may elevate one product over another. High-quality materials, special valves, air pumps, and even handles could help you choose the one that fits you well.

High-quality materials include double-walled fabrics and commercial grade PVC tarpaulin. Good materials can make the tracks last longer. You need to inflate and deflate the air track through a valve. Some air track come with air pumps while some won’t, so it helps to read the product description closely. Here is a tip, manual pumps may not be as helpful as electric ones. Handles and carrying bags included with your mat can make transporting them easier if that’s something that matters to you. Velcro along the edges can help secure the mat or allow you to connect more than one. Not all mats include Velcro, but it’s something to consider.

Price and Warranty
Inflatable mats are very versatile and their price is usually very reasonable, almost everyone can afford it. If you want to invest in them for a long term, please choose high-quality products. Last but not least, don’t forget to consider any warranties or customer service supports included with the product. For instance, you have two mats at similar prices, but one offers a two-year warranty and the other doesn’t. The mat with the warranty looks a little better in the long term.

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