A young couple live in Warwickshire, England, according to Cause and Effect. The husband, Callum, is a 28-year-old painter and the wife, Charlotte, is a 23-year-old hospice nurse.

But they also have an unspeakable concern, more precisely, the wife Charlotte is worried: her husband Calum is just too enthusiastic every night and that makes her unhappy.

Both couples are only in their 20s and likely have decades to come together, so it doesn’t look like a lasting solution for the couple, no matter who makes the sacrifice. The couple have held talks to resolve this issue. At some point they thought of getting outside help, be it from a woman or a couple. But the more Charlotte thought about it, the less she felt, and although it helped her, every time she thought of another woman lying next to her husband, she felt very sad. After thinking about it, the couple found a compromise: they helped her husband buy a Ai Robot Sex Doll! In June this year, the couple spent £1,500 on a life-size adult doll, dressed her up as Charlotte and named her Dee

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Since then, the couple’s problems have been resolved. They could sleep together every night, and when Charlotte was tired and wanted to take a ‘half-time break’ but her husband wanted to work overtime, it was Dee’s turn. Dee was just a doll anyway, no one would take her seriously or be jealous. Watching her husband Calum make out with Dee, Charlotte was filled with images of the smitten couple.

As their relationship deepened, Dee became more than just a FJ Doll for the couple, but part of the family. Not only do they clean, style and change Dee’s diaper every day, they even take him to watch his favorite shows on TV and take him for walks…….

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They even post their “daily life” with Dee online.

The couple say the internet isn’t very receptive to Dee’s presence, but they don’t care what people think because Dee is “extraordinarily useful.” Husband Callum says: “Dee hasn’t spoiled our relationship as a couple, on the contrary she has brought us even closer together. So we’re definitely not putting it in the closet (or giving it up).”

Now the couple have placed JY Doll in the middle of their bedroom, where she usually waits for them when the two work and live normally…… What do you think of this strange family of three?https://www.oksexdoll.com/fj-doll.html