After experiencing two failed marriages, a 58-year-old American man is now living with 12 realistic sex doll. His daughter recognized his behavior and thoughts, and even named the physical doll with him, dressed up, and celebrated. Birthday.

58-year-old Dean owns 12 real-life Silicone Love Doll. He also buys clothes, makeup and birthday gifts for these 12 dolls that he considers to be “friends.” Rhiannon, 20, is Dean’s daughter. According to reports, Dean had been away from real-life women three years ago and “living” with his physical doll. Now, when Leonor returns home, she also helps Dean make up and match clothes for his 12 physical dolls.

After the doll was reduced to a tool for expressing various ideas in the hands of the surrealists, the development route of the doll was completely deviated in their hands, and its true practical value was ignored TPE love doll . After transforming the cute dolls, the distortions used to achieve special political purposes should be resisted and strongly criticized.
However, after the start of the Second World War, as the Axis and Allies entered into global wars, men had left their homes for a long time, and the pressure of war caused them to be too indulgent in their sex lives. Unfortunately, many soldiers became infected. Venereal disease. In order to improve combat effectiveness and reduce risks in this regard, Heinrich Himmler decided to develop a series of clean torso sex doll and set up a doll studio on the front lines of the war to reduce the risk of soldiers contracting venereal diseases through regular disinfection.
The German SS charged on the front line, and the logistics unit followed the army with trucks full of dolls. After ambushing the logistics unit, the Allies harvested a large number of dolls. It’s ridiculous to think about this scene.