For the longest time, I did not put the phone on the phone case. One case ruined the appearance and (sometimes) hid interesting color schemes! Then, I smashed the phone hard, broke the glass, and immediately reconsidered my position.

Smartphones are expensive, and it is wise to protect them. The lowest price of Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series mobile phone cases is 650 US dollars (iPhone 12 mini), and the highest price is 1,400 US dollars (iPhone 12 PRO MAX). Put down one of the glass plates and it will eventually cost a few hundred dollars to repair it. Why take risks when relatively affordable cases can prevent disasters?

I spent many weeks researching more than 40 mobile phone cases from 15 brands, and put every new Apple mobile phone into it. The following are my favorites. By default, we have updated the product, but you can find the best fashion brand iPhone 12 case recommendation above the button.

Gucci brand iphone 12 / iPhone 12 pro / iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12 pro max case, exquisite animal patterns designed by fashion designers.

gucci style iphone case Gucci iphone case cheap high brand smartphone case men’s overseas celebrity

New arrival of Gucci animal print iPhone cases! Gucci iconic GG pattern and red-green stripes are designed, and cute floral patterns are also decorated. There are 3 types of designs: fashionable tiger, butterfly, and snake pattern.

Burberry brand cute iphone 12 / iPhone 12 pro max / iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12 pro case, Burberry classic teddy bear design, cute girly heart.

Burberry brand cute iphone12 / iPhone 12 pro max / iPhone 12mini / iPhone 12pro case

We provide various models of iphone 12/12 pro / 12 pro max / 12 mini mobile phone cases iPhone xs/x/7 mobile phone cases. The trendy and stylish iphone xr / xs max case, high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful iphone11 / 11pro max case.

Coach brand iphone12 / iPhone 12 pro max / iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12 pro case, fashion classic fashion designer design.

Iphone 11 / iPhone 11 pro max protective case with a minimalist design that mimics the style of the coach

Coach brand iphone12 / 12pro max / 12 pro / 12 mini case. Coach Cute iPhone 11 / x / 8/7 case super thin, so it has good heat dissipation and can prevent dust and scratches. We can guarantee refined quality by using high-quality materials.

Different brands and types of cases will provide varying degrees of protection. Therefore, before making a choice, you must consider the various conditions that the phone must endure. If you only need daily maintenance without spending a lot of money, then the following series of mobile phone cases will give you many choices.

Gucci Italian luxury fashion brand Iphone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Fashion Case.

LV / LOUIS VUITTON Iphone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Case.