Fraudulent sites often use prices that are too good to seduce visitors to buy products. It also applies to RealDoll. If you are not sure if a particular company is legal due to questionable prices, it is advisable to stay away from that company altogether and choose a well-known company instead. However, you can always see how much you need to pay for the same sex doll on a competitor’s website. If the difference is pretty big, it’s probably a scam.
Things to consider before buying RealDoll
Avoiding fake real love doll websites is essential, but visiting an authorized retailer’s website only brings you a little closer to your goal. Sex dolls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and skin tones, but they are not the only ones. You also need to select the material (TPE, silicone, latex, or vinyl) used to create the love doll erotic videos. You also need to choose whether to upgrade with additional moans or an internal heating system. Let me briefly explain these.
Form-To be honest, the first time you visit a Dutchwife company’s website, you may be subtly looking at a model with distorted proportions. It’s true that most models have larger than average breasts and at the same time are particularly thin, but not all are like this.
Remember that RealDoll is for realizing sexual fantasy, our tastes are different and sometimes very big. Therefore, some models are petite, while others can be described as BBW. Thick or thin, tall, or short, small or gravity-defying breasts-you can find them all on the market!
Weight-When buying a sex doll, it is advisable to check the size of the model. Later, you will need to carry her and change her position. If she’s too heavy for you, you can easily hurt yourself, and it’s a pleasure, not the pain you should seek, that is, unless you’re interested in BDSM, it’s probably the type you’re in. After not in pain.
Depending on the type of material and the skeleton, a real love doll usually weighs just over half the weight of a real person of the same size.
Luxury sex doll skin color
If you have traveled the world and dreamed of meeting beautiful women from different countries, we have good news for you-you don’t have to go anywhere! You can choose from all human skin color sex dolls, but if you are interested in fantasy women, you can also choose unrealistic life-size love dolls such as blue and green.
Internal heating system
The latest models have stunning facial features that make the heart beat, but there is one problem. That is, the body temperature is far from the actual human body temperature. This means that if you want to remove the TPE love doll from the closet, you must first warm the real doll before proceeding to the exciting part.
That means you have to be patient, but it’s usually done using an electric blanket. Therefore, most of the new model sex dolls have an internal heating system that helps to quickly prepare a sexual partner.
Moaning system
We’ll have to wait a while for the real love doll model to be able to react spontaneously to our actions, preferably within 10 years, but now there’s another way to liven up the sexual experience with Cutie. The moaning system motivates you to speed up the pace, but unfortunately it may not last long.