There is an elderly man in Guangdong, China, who is in his 70s this year. Every day he travels with a lifelike sex dolls. The neighbors around him feel shocked. But the old man disagrees and ignores the secular perspective. The reporter sees it very strangely. So he asked, the old man answered like this: I am 70 years old this year, my wife left early, and my children are not at home all year round. I usually stay at home alone. It is very boring. The big house is not popular at all. When I took photos with sex dolls online, I suddenly felt that I wanted to have a doll like this too, so I asked someone to help make a sex doll like my wife. From then on, the family has a human taste and will not be as lonely as before. Loneliness, I am 70 years old, and I have long been sexually incapable. I bought this robot sex doll just for someone to accompany me.

One morning, a young man had just finished drinking and went home. Passing a small country road, he suddenly saw a woman lying disheveled in a field. The young man was awakened in an instant, thinking that there was a rape and murder case, and he immediately called the police. When the police arrived, they found out that this is a sex doll torso , which makes the police laugh to death, but then again, how real the sex doll is to make people misunderstand adults!

On the newest street in Japan, there is a booming storefront, which is a brothel for black sex doll . This shop is very famous in the local area. The local residents said: This sex doll is very well opened. Japan is now under too much pressure, young No one can find a wife. Such a store can satisfy the sexual desire of young people. We are very supportive. At the same time, it can reduce men’s cheating rate. Actually, we would rather our husband have sex with these sex dolls than with real prostitutes.