In recent years, thermostatic shower systems have been loved by many people. Many families like to install thermostatic showers during decoration. How to choose thermostatic showers? What brand of thermostatic showers are recommended?

How to choose a thermostatic shower.

1. Look at the appearance and workmanship. A good-quality thermostatic shower has the same appearance as a new one even after many years of use, and a poor-quality thermostatic shower will lose its luster soon after being used. Therefore, when purchasing, pay special attention to whether the thermostatic shower has passed the national standard certification, and secondly whether its appearance is smooth and smooth.

2. Look at the water-saving function. Some thermostatic showers use a steel ball valve core and are equipped with a hot water controller to adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of thermostatic shower with a reasonable design is better than ordinary showers. The shower saves water by 50%.

Brand recommendation of constant temperature shower.

RBROHANT has won the honorary title of “China Famous Brand” and is a large-scale bathroom leading enterprise. RBROHANT is a diversified enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It is a company dedicated to sanitary products. It has the world’s super-large-scale black bathroom faucets and ceramic sanitary ware production base and has many factories in the United States, Canada, China and other places. Adhering to the business philosophy of “caring for customers” and “improving customer satisfaction” as the criterion, all products have quality assurance.

RBROHANT has established an extensive retail distribution network in China. The operating department and two production plants are located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong. Won the honorary titles of “China’s Green Faucet, China’s Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Enterprises in the Building Materials Industry, and China’s Most Vigorous Enterprise”.

When choosing a constant temperature shower, you must choose a brand with quality assurance, and don’t blindly follow the trend, so as not to buy inferior products.