lifelike sex dolls make love more perfect
How to make love more perfect? ​​Many couples want to break the current dull sex atmosphere and find something new, so look forward to this wearable smart sex toy, bold new ways to play, only you can’t think of it…

Recently, a team in California, USA, said that they have made a wearable smart sex toy that can track the number of calories people burn during love, and even record the most time when people are in love. fast frequency.

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Called “Lovely,” the sex toy connects to your smartphone and recommends 120 different love positions and positions to improve your skills based on data collected while you’re having sex with lifelike sex dolls . This pencil-sized sex toy also provides vibrations for enhanced pleasure during sex.

Silicone sex dolls can also vibrate
Lovely can be connected to people’s mobile phones through bluetooth, the battery in the toy can last for 7 hours without vibration, and in the case of vibration, the battery can last for 2 hours, I believe this is very good for most people. enough. The smart silicone sex dolls also features inductive charging and is equipped with two LED lights to indicate its status.

Lovely’s designers told us that this smart sex toy is not only designed for heterosexuals, but also for CPs of all sexual orientations.

Sex and relationships expert Reid Mahaiko said in Lovely’s promotional video: “This toy doesn’t just work on a pencil. You can put this wearable on a fake pencil, or you can put it on your finger and you Think of it as a sex toy. In general, there’s only what you can’t think of, nothing this toy can’t do, and the biggest limit is what you think.”

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The wearable smart sex toy is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with a $100 (£65) deposit to ensure you get the sex toy. If the plan goes well, people are expected to get the smart teen sex dolls in June 2016.

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