Mobile phone signal jammer indoor and outdoor use distance
In the outdoor open area, since there are not too many obstacles, the effective distance of shielding can reach several hundred meters. It should be pointed out that whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the effective distance of the cell phone jammer has a certain relationship with the environmental conditions at that time. It is recommended to use a high-power signal jammer outdoors.
Such as the distance from the base station, the placement location, etc. Therefore, when using mobile phone signal shielding, this factor should be fully considered to avoid blocking dead corners and affecting the shielding effect.

For some people, if they only need to use signal shielding devices in fixed places, and the requirements for shielding distance are very high, then they choose desktop signal shielding devices, but for those who need to use external signal shielding and want to bring their jammers, when they are outside, no doubt they should use a handheld jammer, just here you will learn the details of a handheld GSM jammer that can help you get rid of track.